Because we are a small College, students are able to take leadership positions at many levels in the College and community. There are positions on the Student Council, Sub Councils, in the Houses, Board of Trustees Rep and Head Students. There are also a number of committees and sub-committees that they can serve on.

Our BOT Representative for 2023 is Giavana Santelli.
Each year students from Years 9 - 13 elect a student to represent them on the Board of Trustees. This person is a full member of the Board and has voting rights. Their task is to bring a student point of view to discussions and decisions.

A group of students are elected each year to the Student Council. They meet regularly and present ideas for consideration to the College Senior Management, Staff and Board. The Council takes an active role and is supporting student affairs, with running assemblies, mufti days for charitable causes and organising the annual Ball.

Sports, Arts & Social Councils

Student Council is a body of all the College student leaders and they meet to coordinate the Sub Councils and other community representatives. They make sure that everyone in the College is informed. In forming the Sub Councils, one junior and one senior student is selected from each Tutor Group. They are led by a Year 13 student who has been selected by staff and management. They are responsible for mufti days, discos, house sports competitions, the ball and fundraising activities.

The College operates a Peer Support Programme which deals with issues such as orientation to the school, communication, team building, cooperation, self-awareness, cultural awareness, values, feelings, friendship, trust, peer pressure and bullying. Year 13 students are trained to help new entrant Year 7 students with their integration into the College. The programme runs through Term 1 and there is a ‘Getting to Know You’ evening for new entrant students, their parents, peer support leaders and staff at the end of Term 1.

Peer Support

Our Head Students for 2023 are Adam Bayer and Charlotte Stalker.

Our Deputy Head Student for 2023 is Jordan Kington.

Our Head Students are selected from Year 13. They have three key roles in the College:

  • To represent College students at important College functions
  • To act as role models for all students
  • To help coordinate the many leadership roles within the College